#GKtrip special part 8: From Hakodate to Meiji-mura

In the previous installments of our #GKtrip series from our trip in December 2017, we’ve covered some of the major locations appearing in Golden Kamuy. This time, we’re going to discuss briefly some other Golden Kamuy-related destinations that we visited during that trip.

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Interview with winner of Grand Prize in 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, Noda Satoru

Noda Satoru was interviewed for Tezuka Osamu’s official website after he won the Grand Prize in 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

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Seiyuu of Edogai and Koito announced

The second season of Golden Kamuy anime will start broadcasting on 8 October 2018. With the date getting nearer, more information has been revealed about it. First of all, it was announced that Uchida Yuuma will voice readers’ favourite, Edogai Yasaku. Uchida voiced Ein Dalton in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Ash Lynx in Banana Fish.

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Golden Kamuy is supporting Hokkaido

In the early morning of 6 September 2018, a powerful earthquake jolted Hokkaido, destroying natural and man-made structures, stranding people without power and water. The earthquake also affected the family and friends of Noda Satoru, a Hokkaido native. The Twitter accounts of both Golden Kamuy manga and anime expressed their condolences and their wish for Hokkaido to recover soon. The anime Twitter account released a banner saying “Golden Kamuy is supporting Hokkaido“, a play on the tagline of Hokkaido tourism campaignHokkaido is supporting Golden Kamuy“.

The special Golden Kamuy event in Abashiri Prison Museum that’s scheduled for 22 September 2018 (10:00-16:00) will also go as planned. There will be exhibition, mystery game, trying on Ainu clothes, cosplay, and tasting citatap and ohaw (200 people only, 300 yen, registration needed).

We at Kamuy Central too pray for Hokkaido, that everyone will be safe and sound and rebuilding of the island can start soon, and for bereaved hearts to be soothed.

Behind the names of Golden Kamuy characters

This time, let us talk about the names of some Golden Kamuy characters, and whether we can guess things about them from their names. For this piece, we got a lot of help from Kobiyama Sei-san from Bushoo Japan. We will be talking about the Wajin names, not the Ainu names. As well as the meaning of their names, we checked how many people have their family names in Japan through Myoji Yurai.

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Let’s Go to Meiji Prison! A Little Bit of Abashiri in Aichi

By David R. Krigbaum
Wayfarer Daves Travel & History Blog [website] [Facebook]

Abashiri Prison was built on the northern edge of Hokkaido, a location remote enough it almost rendered a walled prison redundant. Though things have changed and it’s not the far frontier it used to be, it’s still a distance to travel and seeing it can take some doing with plane flights and/or long train rides. But those who want to see Abashiri while visiting central Honshu have an alternative, Meiji-mura.

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Ending theme of Golden Kamuy season 2 announced, Golden Kamuy All-Stars voting starts

After announcing the opening theme for season 2, Golden Kamuy anime has also revealed the ending theme. This time, punk rock three-piece from Sapporo, Hokkaido, eastern youth, will provide their song Tokeidai no Kane (The Bell of the Clock Tower) as the ending theme. The song will be released as a single on 14 November 2018, with two other songs, Junkan Bus and Aruita Hateni Nani mo nakutemo.

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