Noda Sensei endorses BL work “Yuki to Matsu”

Source Chil ChilNatalie

Noda Satoru has given his endorsement to a BL work, Yuki to Matsu, by Takahashi Hidebu. His endorsement appears on the obi (belly-band) of the second book of the series.

His endorsement goes in his usual devil-may-care way,

Seeing Sensei and Yuki who mutually seek excuses to be together… Damn it, I got a boner.

Takahashi-sensei, who also makes seinen manga, has tweeted their sincere thanks to Noda-sensei.

Yuki to Matsu was originally published as part of an e-anthology, .Bloom (read: dot bloom). It tells the love story between a doctor, Shouan, and a beautiful killer, Yuki, and it’s set in the Edo period (BL of this kind is known as ‘Edo BL’). Other than endorsement by Noda-sensei, it’s also recommended by Nagata Kabi (My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness) in Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2018.

You can see the samples for free below (NSFW):

Chapter 1 sample

Chapter 4 sample


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