Release dates of Golden Kamuy BDs/DVDs pushed back a month

The quality of Golden Kamuy TV series has been a subject of debate. The animation is shaky in places, and it has even turned some people away from the anime, despite its solid story and other merits. Probably realising that they actually can do so much better with the materials they have in hand, the anime makers have decided to push back the release date of each BD/DVD volume so that they can improve the quality of the anime.

And thus the new dates are:

Volume 1: 27 July 2018

Volume 2: 29 August 2018

Volume 3: 28 September 2018

As a token of apology for the delay, they prepare more benefits to add to the pre-order and store-only benefits (see below).


First, now every volume will come with additional short anime episodes of Golden Douga Gekijou. (Some of the episodes are made available on the official YouTube channel but only for a week each.) These short anime cover parts of the manga that cannot be fitted into the TV series.

The four short animations to be included in the first volume are:

  1. Squirrel
  2. Rabbit
  3. Otter (1)
  4. Otter (2)


Next, people who pre-order volume 1 are entitled to an Asirpa luncheon mat.

asirpa lunchmat

Every volume of first press edition BDs/DVDs will come with a 32-page booklet, a sticker set, and an outer case and an inner jacket featuring illustrations by character designer Oonuki Kenichi.

Bonuses for volume 1:

  • clean OP/ED
  • trailers and commercials
  • B2 poster (pre-order only)

Furthermore, to get the store-only bonuses, you can order the BDs/DVDs from the following stores:

Animate: ordering all three BDs/DVDs of Golden Kamuy entitles you to a box featuring an illustration by main animator Hayama Junichi.

Bonus for individual volumes bought in Animate: mini acrylic key holder

Vol 1: Sugimoto & Asirpa

Vol 2: Ogata & Tanigaki

Vol 3: Shiraishi & Kiroranke

Toranoana: ordering all three volumes of the BDs/DVDs entitles you to an A4 clear flat case.

Rakuten: ordering all three volumes of the BDs/DVDs entitles you to a B2 fabric poster.

Amazon: ordering all three volumes of the BDs/DVDs at Amazon Japan entitles you to a special DVD/BD storage box by submitting the serial number included in each volume to a special page.

There is also the golden ticket campaign: 24 sets of the BDs/DVDs come with a golden ticket that entitles each winner for a reversible sukajan. The jacket on one side shows an ‘Asirpa’ design, while on the other the tattooed human skin design. (You might have noticed now that the number of the sukajan prepared is as many as the number of the tattooed convicts.)

Page will be updated with more info about bonuses.


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