[TRANSLATION] Tsuda Kenjirou and Hosoya Yoshimasa commenting about each other’s character

Otomedia June 2018 (out on 10 May 2018) featured not only Ogata and Tanigaki illustration/pin-up, but individual interviews with their seiyuu, Tsuda Kenjirou and Hosoya Yoshimasa. They were also asked to comment about each other’s character; their comments are translated below.

Tanigaki’s charm according to Tsuda Kenjirou (Ogata Hyakunosuke)

Q: What’s your number one impression about Tanigaki Genjirou?

A: What “a man of the mountains” he is. He’s what we call a manly man. The men appearing in this story are all manly, but among them Tanigaki is the best. It’s like, “This is what manly is like.” His thick eyebrows, the way his sideburns look, his stubbles, his buzzcut… I think manliness is what Tanigaki’s flavour is.

Q: What do you think Tanigaki’s charm is?

A: His sincerity. He without a doubt has a good heart. He has a strong sense of duty, he’s honest, and yet he definitely also has a fierce, unforgiving side. He’s very cool because of that. While Ogata is… for some reason likes to grin. (laughs) Even at inappropriate times.  There is also something interesting about that.


Ogata’s charm according to Hosoya Yoshimasa (Tanigaki Genjirou)

Q: What’s your number one impression about Ogata Hyakunosuke?

At a glance, I thought “He’s a character with ‘something’.” Although he’s in the 7th Division, his hair is long, so I thought “Isn’t this guy amazing”. Sugimoto might have let his hair grow after he left the military, but Ogata took the risk to grow his hair long although he might get reprimanded by a strict superior, “What kind of hair style is this!” Even for that only he’s an amazing guy. (laughs)

Q: Ogata is highly popular among women, but from your point of view, what do you think is his charm?

His hairstyle! Absolutely! ! (laughs) Because characters with close-cropped hair like Tanigaki are not too popular among women, are they? And then maybe because Ogata also has this personality that is by no means good. Of course, characters that are… the knight-of-shining-armor type who are pure and uphold high morals are also nice, but I don’t think they’re really interesting. But Ogata has this kind of cynical personality, and I think it pierces the heart of his fans. I too truly love Ogata’s characteristic wickedness.

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