Updates: Director Nanba Hitoshi’s tweets (November 2018)

Golden Kamuy anime director, Nanba Hitoshi, also known as Sanjyo Namimi, is quite active on Twitter. Sometimes he gives updates or teasers of the upcoming episodes, sometimes he answers fans’ questions. Here are some of his tweets that we caught this month and we thought worth noting about the anime.

On November 13, he tweeted that he’s been getting many questions from fans about why so many things were cut from the anime. Previously, back in October, the director has actually tweeted to apologise to fans because, especially since the second season, they had to cut many things (while crying) from the original work because they’re unfit for broadcast on terrestrial TV. This time, he elaborated on it more.

He reminded fans that when adapting an original work into an anime, there are many things that cannot be included because of duration, content, and various circumstances. He was not of liberty to explain the cuts they made one by one, but he gave one example: Since they received the word about animating the manga, they’ve been told that the controversial Anehata Shiton part is NG (off limits), because it contains animal rape and massacre. (He didn’t mention who told them, though.) Because of these set limits, they had to develop the anime story differently, and he hoped fans would understand. Inevitable cuts are done for various reasons, and after this he wouldn’t explain any so he asked for fans’ understanding.

Finally, he said he would be glad if fans could enjoy the animated version of Golden Kamuy – which we take as a plea for viewers to consider the anime as its own work, not merely the moving version of the manga.

Several days later, after the release of the CD of Tokeidai no kane by eastern youth, Nanba explained that the ending song was made according to Noda-sensei’s wish. The scene of Asirpa listening to Sugimoto’s heartbeat with her hand on his chest was also Noda-sensei’s idea.

And finally for now, after the second OVA was announced, he said yet-to-be-tattooed Nihei and Henmi will appear a bit in the Abashiri prison part in the OVA. He also said they managed to get a wonderful seiyuu to voice the Catholic nun Shiraishi was in love with. If you don’t want to miss out the second OVA, don’t forget to pre-order it – more info here!

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