Osoma You Can Eat and Golden Cookies! Golden Kamuy Hokkaido omiyage review

Whilst braving a frigid Hokkaido January I found Golden Kamuy omiyage at the Abashiri Prison Museum gift shop. Omiyage is ‘gift food,’ that one is expected to bring back to your friends and family that couldn’t go with you, but it’s Golden Kamuy so I bought this gift food for myself.

The two I brought back were Golden Kamuy Golden Cookies and Sugimoto’s Miso, the Edible Osoma.

Sugimoto’s Miso: The Osoma You Can Eat!

The “edible osoma” is a miso paste that for omiyage is surprisingly good and an osoma I’d happily serve to friends if I wasn’t greedily hogging it all to myself. The miso flavor is light and tangy, reminiscent of oranges, not unlike citrusy yuzumiso. It’s a good mass-produced miso from Sapporo, though if you’re a miso fan in Otaru I recommend visiting Yabuhan soba restaurant and trying their home-made soba miso paste for a unique taste of the north.

I ate my edible osoma mixed into rice and find it pairs well with hefeweizen beer, especially Otaru Beer if you’ve any on hand. If not, any German weiss brewed to Munich purity standards will do. According to the box it can be eaten as it is, which I believe because a good miso paste can be a meal by itself, but it also recommends trying it with vegetables, in rice balls, stir fry or with oden. The box’s two pouches are 140 grams total and are only good for a few healthy servings as I like to heap it on, so choose wisely.

RATING: Hinna! Hinna!

Golden Cookie

This is a pretty stock omiyage cookie in a nice Golden Kamuy package; it has 10 chocolate and 10 butter bar-style cookies with the word COOKIE imprinted on them. That they’re stock cookies shouldn’t be held against them, they’re still delicious and I find they pair well with black teas such as Earl Grey or Assam. Perhaps while listening to a classical piano performance and musing on the fleeting nature of wealth and what lies in the hearts of herring.

RATING: Hinna!

While both are good gifts for fans of the show between the two it’s no contest, the edible osoma is the best Golden Kamuy omiyage for its taste, versatility and being osoma you can eat.

Right now Hokkaido is making the most of its moment in the television spotlight and is having a “Hokkaido Supports Golden Kamuy” tourism drive so while I found my omiyage in Abashiri it can also be found in other gift shops around the island as well. Just look for the cardboard cutouts of Sugimoto and Asirpa wherever finer gift foods are sold.

Review by David Krigbaum. Read about David’s adventure in Hokkaido here!

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