[TRANSLATION] Golden Kamuy’s Year-End Party with Kobayashi Chikahiro (part I)

Source: Animate Times. Corrections, suggestions are welcome. The first parts (before the question and answer session begins) have been slightly re-paraphrased. We’ll post the translation in parts, since it will take even longer to wait until the translation is fully finished.


On 16 December 2018, an event was held in Animate AKIBA Girls’ Station in Akihabara, Tokyo to celebrate the release of the BDs/DVDs of Golden Kamuy second season. Since it was near the end of the year, the theme was “Golden Kamuy’s Year-End Party” with Kobayashi Chikahiro (Sugimoto Saichi). At that time, the second season hadn’t finished broadcasting. The event was filled with female fans who won the lottery drawing for the tickets to the event. The event started in a rather nervous tension, but as it went on, it became filled with laughter after laughter, totally entertaining the attendees.

Kobayashi was very nervous, and he seemed giddy as he walked to the stage to the warm applause of the audience. He was also surprised by how close the audience seats with the stage were. However, he quickly charmed the audience with his wide, beautiful smile.

It was the first of such events for him, and he asked those for whom it’s also their first to raise their hand. He was surprised to see so many hands lifted! “Wow, so many! Indeed, so many of you! Well then, let’s do our best together!” he said, and immediately a bond formed between him and the audience.


Since it’s a year-end party, they started it with an ‘air toast’. Kobayashi led the audience to raise their imaginary glasses together.

The Q&A session was titled “Things about Kobayashi-san? Let us hear it…”. The title is from Sugimoto’s words in Golden Douga Gekijou episode 14 (‘Yamashigi’s love fortune-telling’), “Is it a story about love? Let us hear it…

Previously, the audience had written their question on pieces of paper before the event began and put them in a box. Kobayashi then drew questions randomly from the box.

First question:

Where do you pour your effort into when you act as Sugimoto?

Kobayashi: Sugimoto himself is already a very fascinating person, so rather than pouring my effort here and there, I do it with the feeling of letting the story carry me.

There are indeed scenes into which I consciously poured effort into: in episode 17 when Sugimoto talks with Asirpa about the dried persimmons he used to eat in his hometown, and, this one has not aired yet, the scene in the last episode when Sugimoto pours his feelings at someone. I acted in those scenes thinking of giving everything I’ve got.


Second question:

What’s the difficulty in acting as Sugimoto?

Kobayashi: Even though he’s a character that often falls into a critical situation, there are times when he suddenly goes “Oh no, it’s so cute”. (laughs) He’s a person who shows so many different faces, so it was difficult to get on that at first.

I encountered many such scenes since the audition, and I felt like “Why, this person has so many sides!” Right after a gag scene, he would look at people with eyes that say “I’m going to kill you”, making me think “What the hell is this person!”

Eventually, I came to understand that he’s just an ordinary young man who’s gone through a war, and thus I was able to act as him. It was the most difficult thing about acting as him, but it’s also his charm, so I think it’s what makes doing it very interesting until the end.


Third question:

What’s your most favourite Sugimoto scene?

Kobayashi: It’s hard to decide. If we make rankings out of it, I can say “Gag scenes here! Cool scenes here!” But I think the number one would be the scene of dried persimmons. Sugimoto was an ordinary young man who was touched and healed by Asirpa’s words; it’s a scene that makes me cry no matter how many times I see it. It’s like, I cried when I practiced the lines at home, I also cried during the recording, and when I got home and remembered the scene I cried (again). It’s a scene of extraordinarily strong feelings.

Fourth question:

Please tell us what’s the thing you can boast about and what’s the thing you’re not proud of.

Kobayashi: The thing I can boast about!? Is there any such thing… Er, maybe my love of booze (laughs). The thing I’m not proud of is I’m not good at holding my liquor (laughs). Not so long ago I went to eat Ainu food with other people involved in Golden Kamuy.

It was so much fun, but since midway I really couldn’t remember when (Nakata) Jouji-san went home (laughs).


To be continued

Part 2

Part 3

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