Snow season is Golden Kamuy season!

First of all, a quick reminder that volume 20 of Golden Kamuy will be out on 19 December 2019. You can have it shipped overseas from stores like Amazon Japan. Meanwhile, VIZ will also release volume 13 in English on 17 December 2019.

Now, on to festivals. Golden Kamuy will again participate in Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival, which is to be held on 8-11 February 2020. The design of the statue will be announced later, but this was how it looked like in the previous festival:

Not only that, Golden Kamuy will also again take part in Sapporo Snow Festival (4-11 February 2020). This time, it will be more than just snow statues: visitors can also enjoy AR experience through a special app and projection mapping after dark. This surely will make it more impressive!

Since the dates of the two festivals overlap, you can attend both in one visit to Hokkaido next February! However, keep in mind that Abashiri is quite far from Sapporo, so you might not make it a day trip from Sapporo.

Lastly, do you still remember the BL manga that Noda-sensei endorsed, Yuki to Matsu? Now it’s available in English as Yuki and Matsu from here. Do see if you like it too!

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