Anehata Shiton coming to you in OVA

Even though geno studio hasn’t been giving us much update about season 3, other than they’re working hard on it, news was dropped that an OVA will be released as a bundle with Golden Kamuy book 23. Skipping the arc about the Lightning Bandit and Ogin for now, the OVA will be about Anehata Shiton.

Veteran seiyuu Hori Hideyuki is up for the task voicing this nature lover (ahem). Hori is well known among Saint Seiya fans for voicing Phoenix Ikki, and he has also voiced many other characters such as Schwarz Bruder in G Gundam. About his role as Anehata, he said,

“The first thing that came across my mind when I received a phone call from my manager about appearing in Golden Kamuy and the role of Anehata Shiton was, Eh! What? … Even if it’s not for broadcasting, is it OK? Seriously? But at the same time, I thought that this role is quite interesting, so I said yes to appearing (in the anime).

On the recording day, the director reminded me not to take it as something perverted; even so, I thought “But isn’t this perverted” as I performed the role while truly enjoying it. Please look forward to the not-perverted Anehata Shiton.”

Here’s the trailer of the OVA:

Pre-orders are accepted until 14 July 2020, so make sure you place yours if you want to have the OVA. The bundle will also come with a sticker set of some of the greatest panels in Golden Kamuy (design still subject to change).

Also, Animate will be running a campaign offering free collaboration stickers with Irasutoya, featuring Sugimoto, Asirpa, Anehata, and a group of animals looking cheerful and happy together. The stickers will be available in all Animate stores nationwide excluding the online store starting 21 March until they run out.

So let’s wait together for the upcoming OVA!

…while we’re on Ogata, get ready because his nendoroid is in production now!


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