Yes, season 3 of ‘Golden Kamuy’ anime is coming

How are you all, wolves? I am writing this on my twentieth day of staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak, and I know this is so late to write here but I’ve got things that occupied me. But anyway, yes, we’re getting season 3 of Golden Kamuy anime. It’s not just some promise that got announced but then forgotten. And honestly, it’s such a spirit-lifting thing to hear in these trying times.

On 14 March 2020, the first trailer of the season was launched, along with the announcement that the anime would return in October 2020. So far, the channels that have confirmed that they would broadcast the anime are Tokyo MX, Yomiuri TV, Sapporo TV, and BS11.

To celebrate it, and also as part of the annual White Day tradition, the famous Hokkaido chocolate company Shiroi Koibito presented 100 winners with their chocolate in a special edition Golden Kamuy box. This time, the box featured Koito. (Previously, Shiroi Koibito has issued special boxes featuring Shiraishi and the Boss/Princess couple.) The Twitter RT competition has ended on 31 March.

On 22 March, some of the cast members – Kobayashi Chikahiro (Sugimoto), Itou Kentarou (Shiraishi), Tsuda Kenjirou (Ogata), and Hosoya Yoshimasa (Tanigaki) – went live on Abema TV in Golden Kamuy Sakura Matsuri to talk about season 3.

They reminisced about the recording for the previous seasons, and also answered some questions with Itou acting as the MC. For instance, when asked what comes to mind when they hear the name ‘Asirpa’, TsudaKen answered “kawaii”, while Kobayashi said “her beautiful eyes”. Hosoyan, though, answered “poop and miso”. It’s because Hosoyan’s favourite scene is when Asirpa misunderstood the miso that Sugimoto brought as poop.

Next, they were shown pics of four convicts: Nihei, Henmi, Ienaga, and Edogai. They’re asked who’d they choose if they’re to go out drinking with one of the four. TsudaKen and Hosoyan chose Edogai, because they said it seems he’s the one with whom they could talk the most normally, and because he’s easy to understand and cheerful. Kobayashi surprisingly chose the especially dangerous among the four, Henmi.  His reason was practical, though! Since Henmi worked in the herring mansion, he could bring along some nice snacks. Others, who were surprised at his choice at first, could then understand.

As for season three, they said they were most excited for the circus part, where Tanigaki takes an active part. Guaranteed, it would be packed with action, muscles, and blood, as the gang makes their way to Karafuto/Sakhalin to retrieve Asirpa.

Lastly, a pop-up shop of Golden Kamuy goods, including new ones, is scheduled to open from 9 to 26 April in Shibuya Marui. However, if you’re planning of going or buying (maybe through a proxy), with the Japanese government moving to take stricter measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, make sure you check for the latest updates about the shop.

That’s it for now – stay safe, and follow our Twitter for quick updates.

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