Golden Kamuy news roundup April-May 2020

Let’s start the roundup with something alcoholic. Sapporo Classic will again release limited special design cans in collaboration with Golden Kamuy. If in the first year of collaboration (2018) the cans only featured Sugimoto, and in the second year Sugimoto and Shiraishi, now in 2020 another character has been added to the line-up: Ushiyama. Sales are slated to begin on 21 July 2020, and they’re only available in/from Hokkaido stores.

For those who like the historical figure Hijikata Toshizou, there’s a new novel anthology that came out on 20 May 2020: Hijikata Toshizou ga yuku (There Goes Hijikata Toshizou). The book, edited by Hosoya Masamitsu, featured Golden Kamuy’s Hijikata Toshizou on the cover.

Meanwhile, primaniacs has announced that the testers for the new Golden Kamuy fragranceUsami and Nikaidou – would be available in their main store in Ginza on 19 June instead of the original date of 14 May due to COVID-19 concerns. The two new variants are as follow:

Private First Class Usami

TOP: Lemon, Ozone Note, Coriander
MIDDLE: Mimosa, Rose, Magnolia
LAST: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Musk, Smoky Note

Nikaido Kohei

TOP: Bergamot, Lime
MIDDLE: Jasmine, Lavender, Basil, Rosemary
LAST: Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Coconut

As for Golden Kamuy manga itself, volume 22 will be out in Japan on 19 June 2020! If you would like to have a physical copy of it, please take note that Japan Post is currently not shipping overseas, and as a result many stores/sellers can’t receive orders from other countries for the time being.

Finally, to end this post: a great list of all the known tattooed prisoners (compiled meticulously by @JJ_Blue1 on Twitter). Do you still remember them all, or is it the time to re-read Golden Kamuy (again)?

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