Busy day for Golden Kamuy: New S3 visual and more

Today – June 19, 2020 – is surely a busy day for the Golden Kamuy fandom. Previously only the date slated for the release of volume 22, now it’s also the day that a new visual for the third season of the anime was introduced. Along with the visual, comments from the main cast were published, but we need some more time before presenting the translation for you.

Volume 22 of the tankoubon has also hit bookstores, digital and brick-and-mortar, since midnight. As usual, some official wallpapers were released to celebrate the occasion. You can find them in different sizes and orientation here.

If you wish to purchase the book, you can either try online stores that do international shipments such as Amazon Japan or buy the digital version such as from Bookwalker.

Also today, the third Golden Kamuy Stamp Rally in Hokkaido starts after some date readjustment due to the coronavirus pandemic. The stamp rally will last from 19 June 2020 to 31 March 2021. We are invited to visit 13 places taking part in the rally and collect 26 augmented reality (AR) characters. The mechanics are still similar to the previous stamp rallies, where we collect digital stamps by checking in using the Butai Meguri app on the destinations. We’ll get special illustrations after we clear 3, 6, 9, 11, and 13 areas.

Last year, they provided English information on the website, but probably they’re not expecting foreign visitors soon so the English version is not up yet. We’ll keep you updated about this. If you do participate in the event, remember to maintain COVID-19-related safety and healthy protocols. Catch the stamps, but don’t catch the virus!

Next, since it’s summer already, Golden Kamuy joins the tradition of scary story telling with Inugawa Junji no Kaidan Kamuy. Three videos were published of scary stories from Golden Kamuy, narrated by renowned actor and story-teller Inagawa Junji.

When you’ve finished watching a video (1), proceed with reading the manga chapter provided (2). At the end of the chapter, buttons will appear to let you share the Kaidan Kamuy link to your social media account. If you go back to the story page, you’ll see the blue button (3) light up, which means that you’ve unlocked a phone wallpaper that you can download.

Busy day, right? Now for news topics from the last couple of weeks. The Ainu craftsman Kaizawa Tooru, who designed and made the makiri Noda-sensei used as the model for Kiroranke’s makiri, appeared in a documentary that was broadcasted on MBS, TBS, and some VOD apps on 31 May 2020. It can only be watched in Japan, but there’s a 7-minute trailer on YouTube that you can view.

Lastly, from the goods frontier. The hanami-themed pop up shop in Shibuya Marui finally opened for visitors. It was originally planned for 9-26 April, but the date was pushed back over COVID-19 concerns.

Of course the pop-up shop feels “off season” now, but summer goods have also been launched. JUMP SHOP in their Summer Collection has a Tsukishima collage T-shirt for 3,080 yen (with tax).

June in Japan is also notorious for its nasty rain, so it’s only natural that the goods of the season includes a foldable umbrella cover.

If you want the goods, since as far as we know the shops don’t ship internationally, try looking for a proxy that can help you with purchases. However, please also keep in mind that international shipping might not work normally during these times. Check if there’s no trouble with shipping from Japan to your country, or if you have to use certain courier service.

And since some countries, for better or worse, have begun “re-opening”, UNIQLO branches are also resuming operations. Collections that have previously been stuck in their warehouse, including the Golden Kamuy T-shirts, will finally see the light of day. Check your local UNIQLO! So far we’ve heard that the collection has been available in Spain since 18 June, while in the Philippines it’s coming on 29 June.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember: Golden Kamuy season 3 is coming next autumn!

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