Find the animals, get the icons!

To welcome the upcoming OVA featuring Anehata Shiton that will come bundled with Golden Kamuy volume 23, a minigame was made available from 29 June to 14 July 2020 on the official website.

You shall start here, where you will see seven spaces for stamps, with inside each a hint for an animal and where you can find it. You must find at least four of the seven animals hidden on various pages of the website to unlock special icons and a wallpaper made by Irasutoya. Every time you find one, click or tap on it. You will be prompted back to the special game page, and you will see the stamp that corresponds with the animal you have found appearing in the respective space.

If you’ve found them all, your special page will look like this:

The following are the hints:

  • A small animal was found in the market.
  • A beaked animal was found near a map.
  • There’s a white animal bouncing on the snowy mountains following the director.
  • An animal with narrow eyes was found in the New Year.
  • It seems like there’s a barking animal in Far East Russia.
  • An animal with antlers is found near the clock tower.
  • A big animal is found near the special design cans.

Think you can understand all the hints? Good luck finding the animals! (We’ll upload the icons and the wallpaper only after the game ends!)

Golden Kamuy volume 23 with Anehata Shiton OVA DVD is available for pre-order until 14 July 2020, and is scheduled for 18 September 2020 release.

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