Golden Kamuy news roundup June-early July 2020

Let’s start this with news of past event: From 19 June to 2 July 2020, an exhibition was held of the works of animator Hayama Jun’ichi, including his works for Golden Kamuy. (Hayama, for instance, worked on the notorious otter episode.) The free-admission event was housed by ACG Labo in Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo. You can see some of his works exhibited in the tweets below.

Next up: to celebrate the forthcoming Anehata Shiton OVA DVD (bundled with volume 23, coming 18 September), Pasela is offering Golden Kamuy collaboration menu from 29 June to 26 July 2020. Various food and beverages based on the characters are offered, and for every item ordered, customers will be given a random original Golden Kamuy coaster. Reservations and more info are accessible here.

The first food in the picture is satsuma-age, from Koito’s prefecture of origin, Kagoshima. Ogata’s dish is ankou nabe while Tanigaki’s is kane mochi. The third dish from the top is chazuke, Hijikata’s favourite food.

Anyone interested in a parfait called “The Bear that Anehata Really Likes”?

While Tsurumi’s drink is chocolate cafe au lait, Koito’s mango parfait, and Tsukishima’s berry milk, Ogata’s is… blood soda. Made of blood orange, in case you’re wondering.

The drinks based on Hijikata, Tanigaki, and Shiraishi are also available in the alcoholic version.

Goods updates:

Tanabata goods are available in the pop-up shop until 13 July, with the same designs as last year.

Meanwhile, JUMP SHOP on 3 July has added some more Golden Kamuy goods to their collection:

See-through bag, 1,800 yen each

Ogata mini towel, 800 yen each

As for the UNIQLO tie-in, news have reached us from fans that the T-shirts are now available, including through online channel, in various countries such as the USA, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Spain. Check your local UNIQLO!

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