[TRANSLATION] Golden Kamuy’s Year-End Party with Kobayashi Chikahiro (part 3)

Source: Animate Times. Corrections, suggestions are welcome.

 Parts 1, 2 here.

 Ninth question

Kobayashi: The pen name of the person who submitted this question is Tanigaki’s Chest Hair. Wouldn’t this make you embarrassed to raise your hand? Hey, Tanigaki’s Chest Hair!? Are you there, Chest Hair?

The question: Sugimoto called Asirpa-chan using ‘san’, with what kind of feeling does he call her?

Kobayashi: With the utmost respect. The relationship between Sugimoto and Asirpa-san cannot be described in one word. They are good partners, soulmates, complementing each other.

He called her ‘san’ as soon as they met the first time. That’s why I think they have this respect towards each other. It seems to me it’s only towards Asirpa-san that Sugimoto’s respect came out naturally. In Golden Kamuy, ‘san’ is attached only to Asirpa, making us feel this special relationship between the two.

I’ve got a mixed feeling thinking that Tanigaki’s chest hair talks about something like this. (laughs)

Tenth question

I think Ogata is a character that we don’t really understand, but what do you think of him?

Kobayashi: You nailed it well (laughs). When he first appeared he felt like a mysterious yet strong guy. After they joined forces in the second season, Ogata was really reliable. Even during the onsen part in episode 21, I think of Ogata as someone you could trust with guarding your back if you had to fight.

For anyone who knows the development of the story beyond this, this is complicated, but at the moment Sugimoto thinks of Ogata as someone who’s very reliable.

Also, I’m good friends with Tsuda (Kenjirou)-san, who plays Ogata! We often go together to eat pasta. Tsuda-san used to work in my company (En . Engeki Kenkyujo) before he entered voice acting, so he knows well what it’s like.

He would say things like (Impersonating Tsuda-san’s voice) “Tough work isn’t it, Chikahiro-kun?”, and I’d think how fine his voice is (laughs). The kind of voice that’s still fine even during eating pasta. He’s been very helpful to me.

Not only Tsuda-san, but (Shiraishi) Haruka-chan who voices Asirpa, Hosoya (Yoshimasa)-kun, (Itou) Kentarou-san, (Nakata) Jouji-san too are the same. Golden Kamuy cast have had a lot of opportunities to eat out together. It seems that the uncles (the more senior voice actors) too like eating chocolates in the lobby after recording (laughs).

We always celebrate everyone’s birthday with a cake. The uncles would get us excited with words like “When the recording is over, let’s eat cake!”. Even though the content of the recording was brutal, when we’re out in the lobby it turns into a strange spectacle of everyone eating cake together.

Jouji-san would be reading the comic books and wondering “What do the lines here mean?”, and everyone just really loves the manga. (Ootsuka) Akio-san, who guested as Nihei, would eagerly come to us and say, “I’d voice anything! I’d even voice Sugimoto! I’d even voice Retar!”

During the test recording he’d even make sounds like the falling snow, “pota-“, making me happy too for seeing him enjoying it all so much.

Seki (Toshihiko)-san who voiced Henmi would say, “What kind of TV program is this!? Is it okay for me to do this!?” (laughs). “Oh no, it’s so nice ♥”. But when recording’s over, he’d go home smiling, saying “Ah, it was so fun~. This is good”.

Everyone was thinking so deep. Uchida (Yuuma)-kun who voiced Edogai would say things like “Just what should I do?” Even Matsuoka (Yoshitsugu)-san who performed as Usami would say “Oh no, what the… he’s such a pervert”; everyone would be so confused.

Matusoka-san and Yasuhara (Yoshito)-san who voices Kadokura first came for the recording exactly for the episode about the rakkonabe. No wonder they said “Just what kind of TV program is this…?” The sudden launch into a sumo match confused them.

Eleventh question

This is then such a timely question: “I’d like to hear about the time you recorded for the rakko-nabe episode.”

Kobayashi: A lot too happened during this time. In the morning of the recording day, the one most fidgety when arriving was Terasoma (Masaki)-san (Kiroranke’s voice actor). “Just what the hell is this?”, he’d say. “How should I say ‘Hey, long time no see’?” “Just hooow”, he’d say. While Kentarou-san who voices Shiraishi would nervously say, “I’ll do it today! I’ll definitely make it!” “Ah, I will make it”.

Hosoya-kun went like, “Oh no, how far should I do this?” But in the end he was very motivated. Three times he re-recorded the scenes when Tanigaki said to Inkarmat “It’s the fault of the rakko-nabe…” and when he said “Rakko!!”

Even when the director said “Okay, that was good just now”, Hosoya-kun rose his hand and said, “I’m sorry! Once more! That ‘Rakko!!’ just now was simply a no-go!” Everyone around was, “Eh!? What went wrong?” (laughs)

I myself am not sure why, but everyone seemed to be very enthusiastic about the rakko-nabe scene. After we recorded the part when the men sumo-wrestled, I turned around saying “We did it!” and saw Asirpa’s voice actor Haruka-chan looking like— (impersonating her expression at that time)

Twelfth question

Which character you’re most curious about?

Kobayashi: I’m really curious about Wilk. I also wonder what Kiroranke is thinking about, and what Ogata is really aiming at. Really can’t wait for the reveal.

Thirteenth question

The last question is, “What was the biggest change that has happened to you since you were chosen to voice Sugimoto Saichi?”

Kobayashi: Since previously I had only done stage plays, I had never got too many chances to be seen by as many people as this. Now so many people, including my theatre colleagues, would say things like “I’ve watched Golden Kamuy” or “That scene was cool!” to me.

The biggest change for me is getting more opportunities to talk with various people like this.

After the Q&A session was over, they watched episode 11 (the Murder Hotel episode) together. Kobayashi then thanked everyone who had come, and handed a special Christmas card to all the guests one by one, during which the fans could converse a bit with him. Later, after the event was wrapped up, he told Animate Times that it’d been the first time for him to appear in such event. Before the event, he felt so nervous in the waiting room, but once it began, everyone turned out to be so nice. And since episode 24 had not been aired at that time, he asked fans to look forward to episode 24, because there are lines that are especially precious for him in that episode. Could you guess which lines they are?

(End of translation.)

Season 3 of Golden Kamuy is slated for October 2020 start.

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