Ichinose Kana voices Enonoka in Golden Kamuy

On 17 August 2020, it was announced that Ichinose Kana, a seiyuu from Hokkaido, is voicing Enonoka, the Karafuto Ainu girl who will appear in Golden Kamuy season 3. Previously, Ichinose has made a name for voicing characters such as Ichigo in Darling in the Franxx and Tuesday in Carole & Tuesday. Concerning her role as Enonoka, she said the following:

Enonoka-chan is a little girl with a firm side despite being small, with a realistically cute side. I’m enjoying voicing Enonoka-chan who has multiple sides to her. I act my best episode by episode. Personally, I really love the cute combination (of Enonoka) with Chikapasi, so please check it out when it’s on air! I will be glad if more people can enjoy the third season.

Please look forward to it!

Golden Kamuy season 3 will start airing in October, and more details will be announced later.

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