Season 3 new trailer, OP & ED revealed

7 September 2020 was our third anniversary on Twitter (basically the day Golden Kamuy Central started!) – and there’s no greater present for us than the revealing of more information about Golden Kamuy season 3 on the very day. First of all, we’ve got a fixed date for the first episode of the season: 5 October 2020!

Golden Kamuy season 3 will again make our Mondays less blue. Tokyo MX, BS11, and FOD will be the earliest to air a new episode (23:00 JST), followed by Sapporo TV (25:44) and Yomiuri TV (25:59). Crunchyroll should simulcast it a few hours after Tokyo MX, while Jidaigeki Senmon Channel will start broadcasting it on 10 October. Eugenio Uzhinin, the Russian language consultant for the Golden Kamuy manga, is also brought on board for the anime. The Ainu language consultant, Nakagawa Hiroshi, again lends his expertise too.

The second trailer, however, carefully only shows the regular characters plus the two new characters whose seiyuu have been announced (Enonoka and Gansoku Maiharu). They still have more for us, we believe!

FOMARE, an indie band from Gunma that’s going to release a major debut with Sony Music in November 2020, is trusted with the new opening song, Grey. Meanwhile, THE SIXTH LIE – whose Hibana helped shape much of viewers’ experience with season 1 – returns with the new ending theme, Yuusetsu.

Amada Shinsuke, vocalist/bassist of FOMARE, gave this comment:

We are FOMARE who will be in charge of Golden Kamuy’s opening song this time.

Our first anime song made our heart really beat faster!

Even though currently many of our activities are restricted, we’re grateful that we can deliver our new song through Golden Kamuy!

I think we managed to create a song to accompany the new journey of Sugimoto and friends, and to encourage everyone who listens to the song.

It’s a song created with live performance in mind, so I hope you can also listen to it in a live house soon!

(Amada Shinsuke/FOMARE)

THE SIXTH LIE’s Sugimoto Arata also had something to say:

I’m Sugimoto Arata the vocalist.

I’m someone who, during my school days, encountered a bear in the mountains and ran away with all my might while saying, “Try and kill me, I’m also Immortal Sugimoto!”, but I’m happy to be involved again in this work with the third ED theme after the first ED theme Hibana!

Because the characters of the work gave the feeling of “For the reason I was born, I shall burn bright just like a candle before it goes out!”, we completed this heart-piercing sound with the theme “live and shine”. By all means, please listen to it!


Grey by FOMARE

Release date: 25 November 2020

CD only (AICL-3978) 1,500 yen + tax

CD + long-sleeved shirt (sized S/M/L/XL) (AICL-3970~3977) 4,000 yen + tax

FOMARE [Twitter] [official website]

THE SIXTH LIE [Twitter] [official website]

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