Golden Kamuy news roundup June-early July 2020

Let’s start this with news of past event: From 19 June to 2 July 2020, an exhibition was held of the works of animator Hayama Jun’ichi, including his works for Golden Kamuy. (Hayama, for instance, worked on the notorious otter episode.) The free-admission event was housed by ACG Labo in Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo. You can see some of his works exhibited in the tweets below.

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Golden Kamuy joins Shueisha’s Natsucomi 2020!

Shueisha is holding its summer festival, Natsucomi 2020, from 1 July to 31 August this year, with a photo contest offering book coupons worth 1,000 yen each. If you buy Shueisha comic books (tankoubon), you’ll get a random Instagram-like frame card of Shueisha manga characters, including Asirpa.

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Find the animals, get the icons!

To welcome the upcoming OVA featuring Anehata Shiton that will come bundled with Golden Kamuy volume 23, a minigame was made available from 29 June to 14 July 2020 on the official website.

You shall start here, where you will see seven spaces for stamps, with inside each a hint for an animal and where you can find it. You must find at least four of the seven animals hidden on various pages of the website to unlock special icons and a wallpaper made by Irasutoya. Every time you find one, click or tap on it. You will be prompted back to the special game page, and you will see the stamp that corresponds with the animal you have found appearing in the respective space.

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Main cast’s comments regarding Golden Kamuy anime season 3

As we have promised in the previous post, here’s our translation of the comments from the main cast regarding the third season of the Golden Kamuy anime. As usual, hit us up if you find any mistake in our translation, or if you have suggestion of how a line would be better translated!


Kobayashi Chikahiro (Sugimoto Saichi)

Finally, we’ve started with the third season! It has been about two years since the previous season. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this!

The four people who proceed to the new stage of Karafuto and the four people who go after them… The extremely unique people they meet there… There’s nothing I’m looking forward more.

There are too many scenes I want to see.

I wonder who will play that role?

I wonder how that scene will be like?

What about the gold bullion? The convicts? What about their past!! What about the language!!

I’m very excited as a big fan of the work.

Let’s enjoy it together once the broadcast starts!

Banya ☆

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Busy day for Golden Kamuy: New S3 visual and more

Today – June 19, 2020 – is surely a busy day for the Golden Kamuy fandom. Previously only the date slated for the release of volume 22, now it’s also the day that a new visual for the third season of the anime was introduced. Along with the visual, comments from the main cast were published, but we need some more time before presenting the translation for you.

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Golden Kamuy news roundup April-May 2020

Let’s start the roundup with something alcoholic. Sapporo Classic will again release limited special design cans in collaboration with Golden Kamuy. If in the first year of collaboration (2018) the cans only featured Sugimoto, and in the second year Sugimoto and Shiraishi, now in 2020 another character has been added to the line-up: Ushiyama. Sales are slated to begin on 21 July 2020, and they’re only available in/from Hokkaido stores.

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The three lives changed by Golden Kamuy

47 News published the stories of three people whose lives have been changed by Golden Kamuy. This writing summarizes their stories, re-paraphrasing some of the content, with additional information from other sources. It would be great if you could also click the links provided to the 47 News’ articles, to increase their number of clicks and make them know that the articles generate interest. Thank you so much!

Kaizawa Toru still remembered that day in June 2016 when a taxi stopped in front of his workshop Kita no Kobo Tsutomu in Nibutani, Hokkaido. A medium-sized man, a baseball cap on his head and a backpack on his back, stepped out of the taxi. Kaizawa, an Ainu craftsman, asked the man where he’s from and what he’s doing – the usual answer would be “sightseeing”. Nibutani is popular among tourists because there’s an Ainu cultural centre in the city.

The man answered, “I come from Tokyo. I make manga.”

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Yes, season 3 of ‘Golden Kamuy’ anime is coming

How are you all, wolves? I am writing this on my twentieth day of staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak, and I know this is so late to write here but I’ve got things that occupied me. But anyway, yes, we’re getting season 3 of Golden Kamuy anime. It’s not just some promise that got announced but then forgotten. And honestly, it’s such a spirit-lifting thing to hear in these trying times.

On 14 March 2020, the first trailer of the season was launched, along with the announcement that the anime would return in October 2020. So far, the channels that have confirmed that they would broadcast the anime are Tokyo MX, Yomiuri TV, Sapporo TV, and BS11.

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Anehata Shiton coming to you in OVA

Even though geno studio hasn’t been giving us much update about season 3, other than they’re working hard on it, news was dropped that an OVA will be released as a bundle with Golden Kamuy book 23. Skipping the arc about the Lightning Bandit and Ogin for now, the OVA will be about Anehata Shiton.

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Golden Kamuy news round-up February 2020

Let’s start this round-up with a heartfelt congratulation to Noda-sensei and his family as his wife was giving birth! The exact date is unclear as of now, but Young Jump let him take a break so that no new chapter of Golden Kamuy was out in Young Jump 12/2020. Congratulations, may the mother and the child(ren) be healthy and well!

The wording of the announcement on Golden Kamuy manga official account, however, was such that it could also be interpreted as it’s the sensei was the one giving birth. No wonder some of the replies were either confused or joking! I also couldn’t help thinking that writing about Inkarmat’s pregnancy—which has been featured in the last several chapters—is something that is deeply personal to Noda-sensei.

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