The three lives changed by Golden Kamuy

47 News published the stories of three people whose lives have been changed by Golden Kamuy. This writing summarizes their stories, re-paraphrasing some of the content, with additional information from other sources. It would be great if you could also click the links provided to the 47 News’ articles, to increase their number of clicks and make them know that the articles generate interest. Thank you so much!

Kaizawa Toru still remembered that day in June 2016 when a taxi stopped in front of his workshop Kita no Kobo Tsutomu in Nibutani, Hokkaido. A medium-sized man, a baseball cap on his head and a backpack on his back, stepped out of the taxi. Kaizawa, an Ainu craftsman, asked the man where he’s from and what he’s doing – the usual answer would be “sightseeing”. Nibutani is popular among tourists because there’s an Ainu cultural centre in the city.

The man answered, “I come from Tokyo. I make manga.”

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AnimeJapan 2018: Golden Kamuy’s seiyuu greet fans, more announcements made

Sources: live streaming and Animate Times

AnimeJapan 2018 was successfully held on 24-25 March 2018. Golden Kamuy anime took part in the event, with the seiyuu appearing in several stages in the two days, promoting both the anime and the manga. Two of their performance were streamed live through Youtube and Periscope: one on the event’s Yellow Stage on 24 March, and another on Universal NBC’s booth on 25 March.

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Victims of development: The tragic story of Hokkaido wolves

His majestic figure, with his bared fangs and fur as white as the snow, towered over Asirpa, ready to protect her from harm: It’s Retar (レタラ), Asirpa’s trusted wolf-companion.

Retar is an Ezo or Hokkaido wolf (Canis lupus hattai, known in Japanese language as ezo-ookami). The Ezo wolf was one of the two gray wolf subspecies that used to be present in Japan – the other was Japanese wolf (Canis lupus hodophilax or nihon-ookami). As you might have sensed from our use of past tense in the previous sentences, these wolves are sadly extinct now.

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Fanaccount: Golden Kamuy stage in JUMP FESTA 2018

Kobayashi Chikahiro and Shiraishi Haruka, the seiyuu of Sugimoto Saichi and Asirpa, respectively, appeared in the Golden Kamuy segment on Young Jump x Ultra Jump (YJxUJ) stage, JUMP FESTA 2018, on December 17, 2017, 11:40—12:10. Director Nanba Hitoshi (alias: Namimi Sanjo) also came to watch their debut as the protagonists of Golden Kamuy anime on stage, while Noda Satoru sent them a message through his managing editor Ookuma Hakkou.

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Fanaccount: Points from Golden Kamuy speech and panel discussion in 8th Urespa Festa

Urespa Festa is an annual Ainu culture festival held by Urespa Club in Sapporo University, Hokkaido. Urespa in Ainu language means ‘together, mutual’. It is hoped that through the festival, Japanese students of Ainu & Wajin descent can together learn about Ainu culture. The 8th Urespa Festa was held last October, with Golden Kamuy as the main focus. On October 29, there was a speech by Chiba University’s Nakagawa Hiroshi (Golden Kamuy’s Ainu language consultant), followed by a panel discussion with the professor, Ookuma Hakkou (Golden Kamuy’s managing editor), and craftsman Kaizawa Toru, who made Kiroranke’s makiri (knife) that Noda-sensei once tweeted.

Here, not in an exact order, we presented points that were kindly noted and tweeted by @mugich さんon Twitter. We also added a few details from other fans who were present at the speech and the panel discussion.

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Ogata’s half-brother, the flag-bearer

The name of Ogata Hyakunosuke’s half-brother has been revealed to be Hanazawa Yuusaku in the revised chapter 103 in Golden Kamuy volume 11; but, other than that, we so far know very little of him. Fans thus turned to the panels where he appeared to find hints about him, including the panel where he’s seen to be the flag-bearer of the Rising Sun flag. The flag is different from the ‘ordinary’ flag Tsurumi was seen holding in another panel, as seen below (the one that we know in the modern times as the official flag of the country of Japan).

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Hot water in Yubari: Questioning Tsukishima’s bathing habit

We sometimes wonder what do Golden Kamuy characters smell like. Do they smell horrible? They’ve been on the road for long, bathing in sweat and blood instead of clean water. Falling into a freezing river in the middle of winter doesn’t count.

Well, maybe they don’t really need bathing, since a study on deodorant found that most East Asians and almost all Koreans have a gene that make their armpits “lack a chemical that, when combined with sweat, bacteria feeds on to produce smelly body odor”. But, come on, surely they would need bathing every now and then?

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