Snow season is Golden Kamuy season!

First of all, a quick reminder that volume 20 of Golden Kamuy will be out on 19 December 2019. You can have it shipped overseas from stores like Amazon Japan. Meanwhile, VIZ will also release volume 13 in English on 17 December 2019.

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New Golden Kamuy fragrance: Hijikata and Ienaga

Primaniacs has added two variants to their Golden Kamuy fragrance line-up: Hijikata Toshizou and Ienaga Kano. Our fragrance tester – the one with the best smelling taste among us – managed to have a sniff of the two new variants. She said that Hijikata’s smells fresh, with a bit floral and spicy scent. Meanwhile, she can smell the rose in Ienaga’s fragrance, which is refreshing but not overpowering.

She also tested Koito’s perfume, and she said that it’s somehow very floral, but also musky. Just like Koito’s, Tsukishima’s is floral, but the tone reminded her of the ocean. Somehow this fits Sado Island-native Tsukishima so much! Information about Koito’s and Tsukishima’s fragrance is here, while more information about Hijikata’s and Ienaga’s can be found below.

Each 30-ml bottle is sold for 5,417 yen (with tax 5,797 yen).

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Noda Satoru contributes icon to Ainu language learning channel on YouTube


Sito Channel, a YouTube channel for learning Ainu language made and run by Maya and Yoppin, announced that the channel now has a new icon, made by Noda Satoru! Go to their YouTube channel to learn Ainu language with the two friends. The main language used is Japanese, but there is explanation in English for the main terms and phrases learnt in every video.


Another superb link to share: If you are interested in the details of the uniforms of the Japanese soldiers from the time of the Russo-Japanese war, check this amazing post!

Spider-Man: Far from Home x Golden Kamuy collaboration announced!

The official Japanese Twitter account for the upcoming film, Spider-Man: Far from Home on 17 June 2019 morning announced the collaboration with the anime Golden Kamuy. Three posters show Golden Kamuy characters posing like Spider-Man in the anime’s Hokkaido setting such as Abashiri Prison and Otaru. A trailer was also released in which Sugimoto asked Asirpa who Spider-Man is (who he said has a head like Shiraishi’s), and Asirpa, joined by Tsurumi, explained to him eagerly. Tsurumi also claimed that he and Nick Fury had many similarities!

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Golden Kamuy licensed in Mexico; Sapporo Beer special edition returns!

First of all, congratulations, Mexico! Panini, which has previously licensed Golden Kamuy in Brazil, is now taking Golden Kamuy to Mexico. The first volume, rated 17+, will be out in June 2019, priced at 109 pesos.

Another good news for summer is that this year Sapporo Beer ties up again with Golden Kamuy. This time, another can design is introduced: Shiraishi design!

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