Spider-Man: Far from Home x Golden Kamuy collaboration announced!

The official Japanese Twitter account for the upcoming film, Spider-Man: Far from Home on 17 June 2019 morning announced the collaboration with the anime Golden Kamuy. Three posters show Golden Kamuy characters posing like Spider-Man in the anime’s Hokkaido setting such as Abashiri Prison and Otaru. A trailer was also released in which Sugimoto asked Asirpa who Spider-Man is (who he said has a head like Shiraishi’s), and Asirpa, joined by Tsurumi, explained to him eagerly. Tsurumi also claimed that he and Nick Fury had many similarities!

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Golden Kamuy licensed in Mexico; Sapporo Beer special edition returns!

First of all, congratulations, Mexico! Panini, which has previously licensed Golden Kamuy in Brazil, is now taking Golden Kamuy to Mexico. The first volume, rated 17+, will be out in June 2019, priced at 109 pesos.

Another good news for summer is that this year Sapporo Beer ties up again with Golden Kamuy. This time, another can design is introduced: Shiraishi design!

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Ginga Banjou, Tanaka Hideyuki join Golden Kamuy cast

On 10 May 2019, Golden Kamuy anime announced the names of the two seiyuu that will join the already stellar lineup of seiyuu for the third OVA, Monster. Legendary Ginga Banjou (Liquid Snake – MGS, Gihren Zabi – Gundam) will voice Wakayama Kiichirou (known as Oyabun or Boss), while Tanaka Hideyuki (Leo Aiolia – Saint Seiya, Hayata Shin – Ultraman 2019) will voice Nakazawa Tatsuya (known as Hime or Princess).

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REPORT: Golden Kamuy staff talk event 19 April 2019

On Friday, 19 April 2019, a talk event was held by Golden Kamuy staff at Shinjuku LOFT PLUS ONE, Tokyo. The staff, from main animator Hayama Jun’ichi to director Nanba Hitoshi, talked about various details behind the production of Golden Kamuy anime. Attendees could also win drawings made by Hayama and Nanba, as you can see from some of the tweets we quoted below.

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Second Golden Kamuy stamp rally in Hokkaido confirmed!

Hokkaido is still supporting Golden Kamuy! After the first stamp rally wrapped up on 31 March, the second stamp rally was announced. This time, the rally will last from 27 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 – almost a year, so there should be plenty of time until next year to plan your trip to Hokkaido!

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Lots of love for Oyabun and Hime!

On this year’s White Day, Golden Kamuy made several announcements… and it’s all about love!

Firstly, it was announced through Young Jump and official Twitter accounts of Golden Kamuy that the special edition of the 19th volume of the manga – slated for 19 September 2019 release – will come with the third OVA. This time, the OVA will cover the story that features the gay yakuza couple Oyabun (Boss) and Hime (Princess).

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News round-up: From German edition, volume 17 cover, to spring collaborations

Phew. We were away from this blog for quite a while and there are so many news that we need to round up here (even though you probably have seen our Twitter updates about them).

First of all, congratulations Germany! MangaCult will begin publishing Golden Kamuy in German in August 2019. Make sure to keep an eye on publication dates!

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