[TRANSLATION] Golden Kamuy’s Year-End Party with Kobayashi Chikahiro (part 2)

Source: Animate Times. Corrections, suggestions are welcome.

Part 1 here.

Fifth question:

What point are you careful about so that you can give this impression of the gap between Sugimoto’s kindness and violence? Also, with which member of the cast do you want to make citatap with?

Kobayashi: The member of the cast with whom I want to make citatap is (Itou) Kentarou-san (Shiraishi’s seiyuu). Indeed, I want to sit around a pot with everyone from Sugimoto’s group. Or, maybe with Tsurumi, who seems to have never done citatap. How would we do that, I wonder (laughs).

The members of Tsurumi faction have never participated in Ainu culture such as making citatap, so it would be great if one day they all get along and can do the Ainu dance together. I wonder if that day will ever come.

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[TRANSLATION] Golden Kamuy’s Year-End Party with Kobayashi Chikahiro (part I)

Source: Animate Times. Corrections, suggestions are welcome. The first parts (before the question and answer session begins) have been slightly re-paraphrased. We’ll post the translation in parts, since it will take even longer to wait until the translation is fully finished.


On 16 December 2018, an event was held in Animate AKIBA Girls’ Station in Akihabara, Tokyo to celebrate the release of the BDs/DVDs of Golden Kamuy second season. Since it was near the end of the year, the theme was “Golden Kamuy’s Year-End Party” with Kobayashi Chikahiro (Sugimoto Saichi). At that time, the second season hadn’t finished broadcasting. The event was filled with female fans who won the lottery drawing for the tickets to the event. The event started in a rather nervous tension, but as it went on, it became filled with laughter after laughter, totally entertaining the attendees.

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Season 3 confirmed!

During the Golden Kamuy Special Event on 7 July 2019, it was announced that season 3 is on the works! And with that, Golden Kamuy officially left the two-season anime club, where so many anime titles that have never got past the second season gather… The first visual was also released, showing Sugimoto in a thick snowstorm, with the words Then, to Karafuto… shown on it.

Can’t wait to listen to their voice acting again!

A trailer for the upcoming OVA Monster has also been released. The OVA will come with the special edition of Golden Kamuy manga volume 19, slated for 19 September 2019 release. In an official interview – and as you can see in the trailer yourself – director Nanba Hitoshi said that this time they don’t make the bear with 3D CG anymore. They’re all hand-drawn now. Bye bye then, iconic (ahem) 3D CG bear!


Ginga Banjou, Tanaka Hideyuki join Golden Kamuy cast

On 10 May 2019, Golden Kamuy anime announced the names of the two seiyuu that will join the already stellar lineup of seiyuu for the third OVA, Monster. Legendary Ginga Banjou (Liquid Snake – MGS, Gihren Zabi – Gundam) will voice Wakayama Kiichirou (known as Oyabun or Boss), while Tanaka Hideyuki (Leo Aiolia – Saint Seiya, Hayata Shin – Ultraman 2019) will voice Nakazawa Tatsuya (known as Hime or Princess).

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REPORT: Golden Kamuy staff talk event 19 April 2019

On Friday, 19 April 2019, a talk event was held by Golden Kamuy staff at Shinjuku LOFT PLUS ONE, Tokyo. The staff, from main animator Hayama Jun’ichi to director Nanba Hitoshi, talked about various details behind the production of Golden Kamuy anime. Attendees could also win drawings made by Hayama and Nanba, as you can see from some of the tweets we quoted below.

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Lots of love for Oyabun and Hime!

On this year’s White Day, Golden Kamuy made several announcements… and it’s all about love!

Firstly, it was announced through Young Jump and official Twitter accounts of Golden Kamuy that the special edition of the 19th volume of the manga – slated for 19 September 2019 release – will come with the third OVA. This time, the OVA will cover the story that features the gay yakuza couple Oyabun (Boss) and Hime (Princess).

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