Busy day for Golden Kamuy: New S3 visual and more

Today – June 19, 2020 – is surely a busy day for the Golden Kamuy fandom. Previously only the date slated for the release of volume 22, now it’s also the day that a new visual for the third season of the anime was introduced. Along with the visual, comments from the main cast were published, but we need some more time before presenting the translation for you.

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Yes, season 3 of ‘Golden Kamuy’ anime is coming

How are you all, wolves? I am writing this on my twentieth day of staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak, and I know this is so late to write here but I’ve got things that occupied me. But anyway, yes, we’re getting season 3 of Golden Kamuy anime. It’s not just some promise that got announced but then forgotten. And honestly, it’s such a spirit-lifting thing to hear in these trying times.

On 14 March 2020, the first trailer of the season was launched, along with the announcement that the anime would return in October 2020. So far, the channels that have confirmed that they would broadcast the anime are Tokyo MX, Yomiuri TV, Sapporo TV, and BS11.

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Osoma You Can Eat and Golden Cookies! Golden Kamuy Hokkaido omiyage review

Whilst braving a frigid Hokkaido January I found Golden Kamuy omiyage at the Abashiri Prison Museum gift shop. Omiyage is ‘gift food,’ that one is expected to bring back to your friends and family that couldn’t go with you, but it’s Golden Kamuy so I bought this gift food for myself.

The two I brought back were Golden Kamuy Golden Cookies and Sugimoto’s Miso, the Edible Osoma.

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Golden Kamuy collaborates with Princess Café in early 2019

Several branches of Princess Café will feature a collaboration with Golden Kamuy early this year. Princess Café, known to cater to fans of anime, manga, and game, will present special Golden Kamuy decorations, menu, and goods for a limited time.

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Golden Kamuy Treasure Café to be held for a limited time!

We have arrived in the final months of 2018, and the Golden Kamuy fun just won’t stop yet! This time, Golden Kamuy Treasure Café will be held for a limited time in AREA-Q Harajuku, Tokyo from 30 November to 16 December 2018. Not only enjoying the special food and drinks, visitors can buy limited goods, watch a special video that will only be shown in the café, and join a treasure hunt.

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primaniacs to release Golden Kamuy Fragrance

primaniacs, the company known for producing perfume products for anime characters, is joining other companies that are releasing Golden Kamuy goods. They’re preparing Golden Kamuy Fragrance line, currently offering five kinds for five main characters of the series. Each will be sold in 30-ml bottles, priced at 5,417 yen (excluding tax).

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A busy Golden Kamuy Week: from beer, OVA to Hokkaido tourism campaign

It’s been a busy week for Golden Kamuy – despite the manga not appearing in this week’s Young Jump (volume 24/2018), with ‘harvest’ cited as the reason for its absence. Not only the one-month delay for the BD/DVD release to give time for improvement for the anime, there was a string of other announcements made. Let’s see them one by one.

sapporo can 02

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