Golden Kamuy news round-up February 2020

Let’s start this round-up with a heartfelt congratulation to Noda-sensei and his family as his wife was giving birth! The exact date is unclear as of now, but Young Jump let him take a break so that no new chapter of Golden Kamuy was out in Young Jump 12/2020. Congratulations, may the mother and the child(ren) be healthy and well!

The wording of the announcement on Golden Kamuy manga official account, however, was such that it could also be interpreted as it’s the sensei was the one giving birth. No wonder some of the replies were either confused or joking! I also couldn’t help thinking that writing about Inkarmat’s pregnancy—which has been featured in the last several chapters—is something that is deeply personal to Noda-sensei.

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Noda Satoru contributes icon to Ainu language learning channel on YouTube


Sito Channel, a YouTube channel for learning Ainu language made and run by Maya and Yoppin, announced that the channel now has a new icon, made by Noda Satoru! Go to their YouTube channel to learn Ainu language with the two friends. The main language used is Japanese, but there is explanation in English for the main terms and phrases learnt in every video.


Another superb link to share: If you are interested in the details of the uniforms of the Japanese soldiers from the time of the Russo-Japanese war, check this amazing post!

[TRANSLATION] Takahashi Rumiko x Noda Satoru interview


Noda Satoru‘s Golden Kamuy volume 19 has been recently released, and so has the first volume of legendary Takahashi Rumiko‘s latest project, MAO. To celebrate the two books, a special interview with the two mangaka was published in two parts. One part was published in Weekly Shounen Sunday (home to MAO), while another was published in Weekly Young Jump (home to Golden Kamuy).

Shounen Sunday Edition Blog (@Wsstalkback on Twitter) has translated the two parts of the interview. Thank you so much! Please enjoy the interesting interview, in which the two mangaka talk about their work, their inspirations, their career, and more! (My favourite parts: Noda-sensei saying he gets “too embarrassed to draw naked girls acting all cute” and that he’s already got the final scene for Golden Kamuy in mind!)

[Part One] [Part Two]


“What would the occupation of Golden Kamuy characters be if they live in the present time?”

AU (alternate universe) fanworks are everywhere. Fans have been imagining their favourite characters in various non-canonical situations. But what if the author himself was asked to re-imagine the characters he wrote?

In the booklet that comes with Golden Kamuy manga volume 17 special edition, Noda Satoru was asked,

“What would the occupation of Golden Kamuy characters be if they live in the present time?”

Here are his answers:

  • Sugimoto – an athlete representing Japan in a minor sport.
  • Asirpa – a student in Otaru.
  • Ogata – a small town dentist.
  • Koito – a salesperson in Isetan men’s apparel.
  • Kiroranke – a building construction management engineer.
  • Tsurumi – a Public Security (Intelligence Agency) officer.
  • Tanigaki – a squid fisherman in Hakodate.
  • Shiraishi – a prisoner.

Seems like at least one person stays true to his original character even in this incarnation!

Do Noda-sensei’s answers fit your own imagination? If not, what do you think occupations that would fit them better in the present time?

REPORT: Golden Kamuy staff talk event 19 April 2019

On Friday, 19 April 2019, a talk event was held by Golden Kamuy staff at Shinjuku LOFT PLUS ONE, Tokyo. The staff, from main animator Hayama Jun’ichi to director Nanba Hitoshi, talked about various details behind the production of Golden Kamuy anime. Attendees could also win drawings made by Hayama and Nanba, as you can see from some of the tweets we quoted below.

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News round-up: From German edition, volume 17 cover, to spring collaborations

Phew. We were away from this blog for quite a while and there are so many news that we need to round up here (even though you probably have seen our Twitter updates about them).

First of all, congratulations Germany! MangaCult will begin publishing Golden Kamuy in German in August 2019. Make sure to keep an eye on publication dates!

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Illustrations for winners of Golden Kamuy All-stars voting

As promised, Noda Satoru has drawn an illustration of the character that topped the Golden Kamuy All-stars voting for all fans. He’s also finished the illustrations requested by three fans who were randomly selected among those who voted for characters in the top 20.

The colour illustration of Sugimoto, who gained most votes from readers, was used as the cover of chapter 185, and is available in various sizes as wallpapers on the official website.

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[TRANSLATION] Transcript of talk show with Noda Satoru and Nakagawa Hiroshi, 7 June 2018

After the awarding ceremony of the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize to Noda Satoru for his masterpiece Golden Kamuy on 7 June 2018, a talk show with the author and Nakagawa Hiroshi, the Ainu language consultant for the work, was held. Golden Kamuy editor Ookuma Hakkou moderated the talk show. The following is a transcript of their talk.

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[TRANSLATION] Noda Satoru’s answers to weekly questions to mangaka in Young Jump (2018)

Continuing our translation of Noda Satoru’s answers to weekly questions in Young Jump for 2017, here is the translation for 2018! This page will continuously be updated with newly translated Q & A until the end of the year.

From YJ5-6/2018

Q: What is your favourite scent, or the scent you’ve just smelled?

A: Cat’s balls


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