Golden Kamuy news round-up February 2020

Let’s start this round-up with a heartfelt congratulation to Noda-sensei and his family as his wife was giving birth! The exact date is unclear as of now, but Young Jump let him take a break so that no new chapter of Golden Kamuy was out in Young Jump 12/2020. Congratulations, may the mother and the child(ren) be healthy and well!

The wording of the announcement on Golden Kamuy manga official account, however, was such that it could also be interpreted as it’s the sensei was the one giving birth. No wonder some of the replies were either confused or joking! I also couldn’t help thinking that writing about Inkarmat’s pregnancy—which has been featured in the last several chapters—is something that is deeply personal to Noda-sensei.

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Kadokura, Usami, and Toni Anji introduced in Golden Kamuy anime

Episode 20 introduced three new characters to the already rich cast of Golden Kamuy: Head Jailer Kadokura (voiced by Yasuhara Yoshito), Usami (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), and Toni Anji (voiced by Mizushima Yuu).

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When was Golden Kamuy set?

The answer to the question seemed to be pretty straightforward:

Not long after the Russo-Japanese war was over, that’s for sure. A chronology in the official website stops giving a definite date after the end of the war, when the main timeline of Golden Kamuy begins.

But when was that, exactly? Noda Satoru himself said that he on purpose never writes a definite date in Golden Kamuy, and instead leaves hints everywhere of the time of the year when a particular scene happened. But could the hints be not just about the season, but also the year?

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Defenders of the North: The 7th Division

One group involved in Golden Kamuy is the men from the 7th Division under First Lieutenant Tsurumi. The 7th Division was also known as Hokuchin Butai (‘Pacifying Corps of the North’), and the Bear Division. The name Hokuchin might sound a bit aggressive now, implying that the North was a rogue region needing pacification.

Originally formed in 1885 as ‘Tondenhei Butai’ to accommodate the previously installed military settlers (tondenhei) in Hokkaido, the 7th Division was established in 1896, with the first commander being Major General Nagayama Takeshiro.

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