[TRANSLATION] Noda Satoru’s answers to weekly questions to mangaka in Young Jump (2018)

Continuing our translation of Noda Satoru’s answers to weekly questions in Young Jump for 2017, here is the translation for 2018! This page will continuously be updated with newly translated Q & A until the end of the year.

From YJ5-6/2018

Q: What is your favourite scent, or the scent you’ve just smelled?

A: Cat’s balls


From YJ7/2018

Q: During New Year, what do you want to eat after eating osechi or ozouni?

A: I feel like going back to osechi again. (Note: Osechi and ozouni (mochi rice cake soup) are Japanese traditional New Year food.)


From YJ8/2018

Q: January 25 is the Day of Apology! What is the thing that you want to apologise for, or that you’d like to forgive?

A: Sorry I always submit my manuscript at the last minute.


From YJ9/2018

Q: February 1 is the anniversary of TV broadcasting [in Japan]. What TV program got you hooked?

A: “Gokuraku Tombo no tobigeri goddess”. (Note: A midnight variety show (1999-2001) featuring manzai comedy duo Gokuraku Tombo.)


From YJ10/2018

Q: What was the stuff you impulsively bought at the beginning of this new year?

A: Souvenirs from Karafuto (Sakhalin) which were all nice.


From YJ11/2018

Q: Please tell us about any culture shock you’ve experienced so far.

A: Russians take off their shoes inside the house.


From YJ12/2018

Q: What event lately made you think “Lucky me” or “That was close”?

A: Nothing.


From YJ14/2018

Q: What is your most favourite short skit?

A: Robert de Niro comforting a baby. (Note: Seems like a skit by Japanese comedian, Teru [see video] who often impersonates Robert de Niro)


From YJ15/2018

Q: Is there any small refreshing method that you do?

A: I feel relaxed only when I have massage once a week.


From YJ16/2018

Q: What is your favourite imaginary creature or thing?

A: Marilyn Manson


From YJ17/2018

Q: Do you know any mystery that has never been solved?

A: The mystery of 7 World Trade Center


From YJ 19/2018

Q: Is there any function that you want electronic appliances to have?

A: I don’t really have any idea


From YJ20/2018

Q: Is there any surname that you think is cool or you wish you had?

A: Nodobotoke Satoru (Adam’s Apple Satoru)


From YJ21-22/2018

Q: How was the first manga you made like?

A: I believe it was a work influenced by Robocop that I watched.


From YJ23/2018

Q: 10 May is Block Sign Day! And so, please let us know what thing you put the highest importance in when choosing a town or a place to live in.

A: I look for a quiet place.


From YJ25/2018

Q: What game or play that you want to do now that you haven’t done for a long time?

A: Pretending to be Forrest Gump by running expressionlessly in a wide lawn.


From YJ26/2018

Q: What is your favourite amusement/theme park attraction?

A: The “Undersea Exploration” at Nakajima Amusement Park. (Note: Nakajima Park is in Sapporo, but the attraction no longer exists.)


From YJ27/2018

Q: Tell us a big news about you in the first half of 2018.

A: I began having my teeth corrected. (Note: He was wearing dental braces when he received the Tezuka Osamu award.)


From YJ28/2018

Q: What’s your favourite motto?

A: Can’t recall (Note: Previously he said “Go to see the real thing.”)


From YJ29/2018

Q: If you could wholly change your face with plastic surgery, whose face do you want to have?

A: Tachi Hiroshi on on side, Shibata Kyouhei on the other side, with Kinomi Nana’s body.

A fan has helped create an image of it


From YJ30/2018

Q: Six months remain this year. What do you still really want to do within this year?

A: I want to have my dental braces removed before the end of the year.


From YJ31/2018

Q: What’s your favourite scent?

A: Wood scent.
(But see the first question above.)


From YJ32/2018

Q: If you had time until tomorrow to spend 1 million yen, what would you use it for?

A: Penis enlargement surgery that’s worth 1 million yen


From YJ34/2018

Q: What do you envy from today’s children?

A: Not a single thing


From YJ35/2018

Q: What thing makes you think “The one who thought about this was a genius”?

A: Onigiri


From YJ36-37/2018

Q: The “All-stars” of which would you like to see?

A: I couldn’t think of anything particular


From YJ38/2018

Q: What is a “picturesque scenery” for you?

A: Lake Mashuu in the winter. (Note: It’s a lake in Hokkaido, said to be the clearest lake in the world. The mountain next to it is called Mount Kamuy.)


From YJ40/2018

Q: What place makes you think “I want to keep this one place clean!”?

A: I don’t care even if it’s dirty.


From YJ42/2018

Q: What cost-saving food that you think is the best?

A: Rice


From YJ43/2018

Q: 27 September is World Tourism Day! What town do you want to visit at least once?

A: Akabane.


From YJ44/2018

Q: From 4 October it’s World Space Week! What would you like to do when you end up going to space?

A: Be the man who opens the hatch and gets sucked outside and frantically grasps for life.


From YJ45/2018

Q: What thing that you were weak at when you were a child, but managed to overcome before you knew it?

A: Body fat.


From YJ46/2018

Q: What vending machine you’d like to have in your neighbourhood?

A: Onigiri for sure.


From YJ47/2018

Q: Halloween is right around the corner! What would you like to dress up as?

A: A mangaka working on his manuscript all day wearing a dirty jersey.


From YJ48/2018

Q: 1 November is the Day of the Classics. Please name one classic work for us.

A: Haha wo dasunete sanzenri (3,000 Leagues in Search of Mother)


From YJ49/2018

Q: 5 November is Good Apple Day! What is your favourite fruit or dessert?

A: Strawberry.


From YJ51/2018

Q: What thing impressed you so much because it was free?

A: Nothing particular comes to mind.


From YJ52/2018

Q: 29 November is good meat day (11/29, ii niku). What is your favourite meat or meat dish?

A: Muscle (kinniku in Japanese)

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